Effortless Energy Management

Fully connected with the rest of your home, Energy Management from Alarm.com is far more advanced than any stand-alone thermostat. Our award-winning solution makes managing your energy use easy. Alarm.com Energy Management learns your activity patterns and adapts to your needs, automatically. It’s a smarter, simpler way to save money and stay comfortable.

Climate and Ambiance Control

Take control of your energy use and keep your house comfortable. Now, you can control your lights and thermostats automatically and on-the-go. With customizable, flexible schedules and our easy to use mobile app, you can always come home to a comfortable environment.

A Smarter Thermostat

RAB Security makes any connected thermostat even smarter. Using all available sensor data, external weather conditions and even your location, Alarm.com helps optimize your home climate. More than a pretty face, the RAB Security thermostat service is as good as it gets.

Exclusive Features from RAB Security

In addition to anywhere mobile access and control, Alarm.com offers exclusive benefits to fully optimize your home to your unique needs.


Never forget to change your schedule again. Alarm.com can use your location to automatically adjust your thermostat to save energy when you’re gone and re-set for comfort when you are on your way home.

Activity Patterns

The connection to your security system makes your thermostat exponentially smarter. Using information from all of your sensors – door and windows opening, motion, arming and disarming – the system learns your patterns and make a personal recommendation for optimal energy performance. More information means better performance.

Extreme Temps

Save money automatically on extremely hot or cold days. Have your thermostat automatically adjust a few degrees up on hot days and down on cold days. You won’t feel the difference but your wallet will.

Give Back, Get Back

With Alarm.com, you’ll have instant eligibility and easy enrollment in programs offered by your local Utility. These programs will provide rewards like cash back or rate reduction from participating local utility companies.

Custom Automation

Make your home respond to you. Easy to use automated schedules manage your settings according to set timeframes, while custom rules and triggers make your system respond to specific actions or conditions.

Event Triggers

Set your own custom triggers to have your environment adjust for you. For example, have your thermostat automatically switch to an energy-saving set point when you leave or arm the security system to Away.

Alarm.com's Geo-Services Wins "Best" Award for Smart Thermostat

Measureable Results

Get real insight into your energy use with Energy Monitoring from Alarm.com. You’ll be able to see where you’re consuming the most energy and can make changes that have real impact. You’ll also be able to track the results of these changes on your energy use and costs so you’ll know if you’re making progress.

Energy Monitoring

Get a baseline of your home’s total energy use and energy use by device. You’ll learn how much energy you use overall, and which devices are the most costly.