Live Video Monitoring Services in Houston

Live Video Monitoring Services in Houston

What good does the Video Recording do, if you can't prevent it? RAB Security has been providing live video monitoring services in the Greater Houston area since 2005. Our video monitoring central station will watch your location from 7 pm to 7 am. We will provide you with all of the video activity via email. Also, we will call you or your contact person if we see any suspicious activity.

Is Live Video Monitoring For you?

If you have a shopping center, retail stores, construction sites, auto dealerships, and parking garage, give us a call and we will provide Live Video Monitoring Services for you. Video recording is good after the fact - all you can do is give the police department the incident recording, but you will not be able to prevent it.

Prevention is our main focus

RAB Security live video monitoring will be able to prevent the incident by calling you or the authorities. We work with any surveillance system. If you have an existing camera system and you want us to monitor your place while you are gone, we will do the live monitoring for you. We offer the best monitoring fee in the area. We do not charge by the camera, if you have 1 camera or 16 cameras, our prices are the same. Please call us to get the best price in town.

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