Business Security System in Houston TX

Business Security System in Houston, TX and all Surrounding Areas

Rab Security is a service provider of Business or commercial Security System in Houston and Surrounding area of TX. We knowyYou worked very hard to start a business; we would like to congratulate you for keeping the Americas economy moving.  You are the key person to move the economy and create jobs. So, if you own a single location or chain stores, most likely you will face a security issue. Theft, inventory shortage, shoplifting, employee productivity a just a few of the problems that business owners face. RAB Security is here to help you reduce your problems and give you the best solutions you are looking for.

We have been in the Houston area for 12 years and working with small businesses to understand their issues. We have helped business owners to stop the burglary, reduce inventory shortage, and increase employee productivity. We will design a system that meets your security needs by providing you with the latest updated technology. RAB Security is not just a traditional security company, we put the security in your hand so that you can control and connect to your security all the time, every time from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. When you think about Central Security Houston, RAB Security is here to serve you

RAB Business Security Key Features are:

  • View arming state for one location or multiple locations
  • Receive notification via text/email/voice call if locations open or close on time.
  • Know about equipment issues or recent alarms
  • Give an employee security access to one or many locations with user codes
  • Easily remove user code access for terminated employees
  • Receive a notification when the property is accessed during off hours
  • Arm the system automatically if the system is not armed on time

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RAB Security is certified by HMSDC (Houston Minority Suppliers Development Council). We are the only company in the Texas area to be certified in this SIC code. We had to go through the tremendous process to earn this certification. 

We are also an A+ Accredited BBB company in the Houston area.

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