Commercial Fire Alarm in Austin, TX

Commercial Fire Alarm in Austin, TX

Fire incidents are among the most destructive threats to enterprises. Business owners can face enormous financial difficulties if their expensive equipment and costly inventory of goods get destroyed by large blazes. In a bid to prevent fires from reaching such devastating proportions, many businesses are now making the foresightful decision to install intelligent commercial fire alarm systems.

Dependable and cost-effective commercial fire alarm solutions in Austin, TX

RAB Security is a leading provider of fire alarm systems for commercial and industrial establishments in the city of Austin and in surrounding communities in Texas. Our fire detection and fire alarm systems are designed for a wide variety of enterprises — from retail stores and industrial plants to school campuses and government offices.

Our diversified range of quality products and services work together to create a feature-rich infrastructure that can include the following elements:

  • Conventional fire alarm systems
  • Addressable fire alarm systems which allow you and the authorities to detect the exact location of a fire transpiring in a large facility so that it can be extinguished quickly
  • Heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Voice evacuation systems that warn building occupants of the imminent danger so that they can evacuate on time

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  • Fire alarm monitoring that alerts the fire department so that firefighters can respond swiftly
  • Blast mitigation solutions that prevent debris from causing serious injuries to people or extensive damage to properties

RAB Security offers customizable solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Our experienced and highly skilled fire alarm installation crew are fully certified and uses only high-quality products and professional installation techniques that meet virtually every state, federal, and international standards.

Call us today at 281-738-3521 or write to us using this contact form. You can schedule an appointment with our fire alarm experts so that we can fully determine your actual requirements and install a system that is the perfect fit for your enterprise.