Galveston, TX Fire Alarm System

Galveston, TX Fire Alarm System

Your home or business property needs protection from more than just thieves, burglars, and trespassers. Every year, fire incidents in the city of Galveston and surrounding communities in Texas cause millions of dollars' worth of damage to properties and injuries to building occupants.

Statistics show that most large conflagrations reach such destructive levels because of delays in the detection of fires. The flames can spread quickly, especially in spaces where highly inflammable materials like wood and fabric are found, thus making early detection crucial in preventing fires from reaching disastrous proportions.

Comprehensive fire alarm systems in Galveston, TX

RAB Security is a trusted name in Galveston when it comes to the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of intelligent fire alarm systems. As a fully licensed fire alarm company in Texas, we are the first choice among many customers for state-of-the-art products and services that help save lives and safeguard properties from the threat of fire incidents.

Whether you need conventional fire alarm systems or prefer addressable fire alarm solutions that allow you and the fire department to locate exactly where the fire is occurring, we can help you detect the threat in its early stages. We also offer various solutions that offer specific benefits — products that include carbon monoxide detectors and heat sensors to detect fires, voice evacuation systems that alert residents and employees of the situation, and blast mitigation solutions that help limit asset damage and injury due to flying debris.

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Proactively prevent and address fire incidents

When a fire breaks out, you don't want a fire detection system that merely sounds the alarm when it detects smoke. You are better off with RAB Security's fire monitoring solutions, which allow you to alert building occupants about the dangerous situation while simultaneously summoning the fire department to come to your aid.

If you want to learn more about our fire alarm systems, please call us today at 281-738-3521. Our expert support staff is also reachable online through our contact page. You are encouraged to take advantage of our free property inspection service so we can assess the actual needs of your home or commercial property.