Video Surveillance System in Houston TX

Video Surveillance System in Houston, TX and all Surrounding Area

Among the all wireless security camera system and Video Surveillance system in Houston, RAB Security is providing cost-effective supports at all. We know, Safety is a number one priority – so why not utilize a system that allows a simple yet multi-faceted system where your security options are at your fingertips? Make your work environment and safe and efficient one by adopting the measures that matter. RAB Security will provide you this Video Surveillance system in Houston and all surrounding area in TX

Just a few examples of how you can use our system to succeed are the abilities to:

  • View live or recorded video – for easy perusal and efficient measure

  • Control digital video recorders and cameras – to ensure that you are successfully capturing the footage you need and where you need it

  • Cave video to local hard drives – to keep for your own records and other future uses

  • Share the video – in the instances of any multiple-person viewing necessities

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The best security solutions are also effective business ones!

Our broad range of video surveillance solutions is no exception. Not only can they help you reduce many of the top risks that businesses like yours face, but they may also help you improve your efficiency and enhance your company‘s operations as well. Because we believe your security solutions should help grow your business as well as protect it.

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See your business more clearly

CCTV/Video surveillance is the fundamental building block of any good security system. Digital video can help provide you with a level of organizational awareness and control that was previously unimaginable. You can now manage visual information from virtually any place, anytime. Our experienced sales representatives can help you choose from our full line of CCTV/video surveillance equipment and services and design a solution customized to meet your current needs—and plan for future ones, as well.

  • Security CamerasRAB carries a full line of closed-circuit television cameras and lenses (size and type) for your different surveillance needs. We also carry specialty cameras, such as infrared, low-light and night vision cameras.
  • Digital RecordersRAB has a solution for your DVR needs, from a single, one-channel, man-portable unit for covert surveillance, to a facility-wide distributed enterprise system.
  • Monitors—Choose from a full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and formats to include LCD, flat panel and touch-screen capabilities.
  • Remote Viewing—Select from a number of methods for remote viewing, from IP-based cameras to web-based browser software.
  • Networked Video Solutions—Use your IT infrastructure to carry live and archived video to authorized users across your organization.

Video surveillance packages

Our video packages allow you to choose the system that fits the needs and size of your business. Each package includes a 4-, 8-, or 16-camera system + one 160 GB capacity DVR + one 17" LCD color monitor + professional installation + quality service plan (maintenance).

Improve your vision—enhance your business

At RAB, we know the success of your business is your greatest security
Allow us to get to know the challenges your business is facing. Then, together, we can draw from a wide range of products, solutions, and services, including the latest in video surveillance and access control. All this creates a security solution that can help grow your business as well as protect it.

Benefits of a Digital Video Surveillance System

  • Accessibility A digital video surveillance system can give you the ability to quickly and easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility.

  • Profitability — With a digital video surveillance system, you can have greater control over loss. It may also help lower liability and insurance costs.

  • Productivity — A digital video surveillance system can discourage workplace violence, harassment, and poor customer service.

  • Reliability — Digital video recorders (DVRs) mean no more broken or worn-out tapes and no more costly maintenance.

  • Enhanced capabilities — DVRs allow you to store more information using less space. Plus, events captured with DVRs can easily be downloaded, recorded to a CD-ROM or duplicated when an additional copy is required.

  • Remote access —Many DVR units can help you oversee your business from anywhere you have remote connectivity.

  • Remote Video Surveillance System Access

    The RAB CMS remote video surveillance system allows you and your management teams to view and control multiple digital video recorders through one remote video surveillance application. Authorized users can view the live view or recorded video, control digital video recorders and cameras, save the video to local hard drives and share video by e-mailing links and comments. The result is greater control over business procedures, operational efficiencies, and the bottom line. Help Me Select a Digital Video Package

  • A check cashing store manager needs video surveillance to have a digital record of activity as well as to provide a visible deterrent to potential thieves. He is also looking for a way to help increase the security and peace of mind for employees entering and exiting the premises. He has installed a digital recorder to provide 60 days of archived video surveillance, and easy-to-use search features both on-site or remote access. In addition, RAB’s Video Escort Service allows RAB operators to “escort” employees via remote video as they enter and leave the store. Since the installation, parking lot loiterers have decreased, and additionally, employee turnover has decreased because the store employees now feel they have a more secure work environment.* Solution: 4 camera system
  • A car dealership with two acres of property and 150 employees experienced an increase in break-ins and vandalism and lost three cars in a six-month period. The dealership installed 12 cameras to monitor all parking areas, service garages, and showroom interiors, and a digital video recorder to monitor after-hours activity. The dealership also chose RAB
  • Interactive Video Monitoring Services. According to the owner, RAB’s Alarm Verification Service now helps verify an intrusion detection signal before dispatching law enforcement, increasing police response to attempted break-ins. The Guard Tour Service can also check in on the dealership on a scheduled basis and can notify police of suspicious activity. Since installation, the dealership hasn’t had a single car stolen and vandalism has decreased.* Solution: 8 camera system

  • A warehouse was experiencing repeated inventory shortages in addition to several safety issues as a result of its potentially hazardous shipping and receiving procedures. With compensation claims on the rise, they needed a way to reduce loss and help create a safer environment. The warehouse installed digital video surveillance with remote viewing capabilities and also opted for RAB Select SM Vision Guard Tour Service. The new owner says that the video cameras now act as an obvious deterrent to theft and fraud, and as a result, inventory shortages and workers’ compensation claims have decreased. Plus, Guard Tour Service has allowed the warehouse to eliminate the need for on-site security services, providing an immediate economic benefit.*Solution: 16 camera system

Video Alarm Verification:

  • RAB operators remotely monitor your facilities for burglar alarm verification and notification
  • Optional two-way audio verification
  • RAB operators notify law enforcement upon verification of suspicious activity
  • Duress and holdup panic button for your employees
  • Receive weekly e-mailed alarm reporting