Video Verification in Houston, TX

Video Verification in Houston, TX

One of the biggest challenges of video surveillance is the fact that many security systems currently in place in homes and businesses can’t proactively prevent criminal activities or address a crime in progress. More often than not, authorities get to the crime scene only after the incident has long passed. Video surveillance works best if you can take immediate action against a threat, and that’s where video-verified alarm systems and live video monitoring from RAB Security come in.

Real-time, video-verified security systems in Houston, TX

A CCTV surveillance system that simply records videos should not be your primary option when you want comprehensive security for your residential or commercial property. With RAB Security’s video-verified security system, onsite detectors, like passive infrared motion sensors and virtual tripwires, are triggered when suspicious activities take place, sending real-time information to our alarm receiving center.

Our team of security experts will then be able to view the incident that has activated the onsite detectors and see if it is an actual threat. If an actual intrusion or criminal activity has transpired on your property, we will be able to inform you and the authorities immediately. If it is determined that it is a false alarm, then there’s no need to call the police or emergency services, which can prove to be costly. Around 98 percent of alarm calls to the police are false alarms, wasting valuable time and resources. 

Live video monitoring in Houston, TX

In addition to video-verified alarm systems, we also provide 12-hour live video monitoring (from 7 pm to 7 am) for our clients. Whether you have the system installed in your home, office, retail shop, or warehouse, we can provide you all video activity via email and call you and the authorities if we notice any suspicious activity.

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We offer the best prices in Houston and surrounding communities in the state of Texas. We also do not charge per camera, so whether you have a single camera or several to monitor your home or business establishment, our price remains the same.

Live video monitoring combined with video-verified security systems help communities reduce the incidents of false alarms while also boosting police efforts to combat crime and apprehend offenders. If you want to learn more about how RAB Security can help you safeguard your property by putting these systems into place, please don’t hesitate to call us at 281-738-3521 or contact us using this form.